Alford Firewood

Alford Firewood

Alford Firewood for Quality Barn Stored Seasoned Hardwood Logs in Lincolnshire

woodMobile: 07 775 858 205

Telephone: 01 507 463 780 

Barn stored and seasoned first grade hard woods

also second grade wood for wood burners only (willow, popular soft woods, etc.) as they either burn faster or may spit 

facebookFree Delivery:

Alford Firewood deliver the first 15 miles FREE then £1 per mile one way.

Pay cash or by credit card 

Alford Firewood part of James Howe Farming.  Alford Firewood supply wood seasoned for at least 12 months stored under cover.

Mon - Fri: 08:00–18:00 and Sat - Sun: 09:00–12:30